About The Thick Nutritionist

The founder of The Thick Nutritionist brand is Natasha Ngindi. Natasha is a Canadian anti-diet nutritionist and entrepreneur. She is also a certified Zumba instructor who promotes enjoyable movement for ALL bodies in a non-judgemental, body-positive environment. 

Natasha spent many years being a slave to diet-culture but no matter how much she dieted, she could never keep the weight off permanently. Frustrated, she decided that she was done with diets and her life changed for the better; she was finally able to accept herself and achieve food freedom!

Her lived experiences and higher education in Nutrition Sciences inspired her to start her own brand. Natasha is passionate about spreading the truth about diet culture, body-acceptance, health at every size and intuitive eating. Natasha believes that we all deserve to live a fulfilling life, free of the pressures of diet culture.